Biggest Winner Contest Results!

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????The results are in and we have a winner (or winners as the case may be!) Drum roll, please…

For the gentlemen, our Biggest Winner is Jim with a 6.49% weight loss for the 12-week contest!

For the ladies, our Biggest Winner is 5k Gal with an 8.21% weight loss for the contest period!

As a group, every single one of us lost weight – with a total combined weight loss of 74.6 POUNDS LOST! That is just phenomenal! So here is my question for you all: should we keep going? Does having a contest motivate you? Would you be motivated with or without the idea of money on the line? Let me know what you would like to do. I am up for continuing this as I am very happy with my 12.4 lbs. lost!

Below is your overall percentage of weight loss for the contest period. If you would like to know pounds lost, message me and I’ll let you know your total pounds lost. I’ll also be emailing the group with the prize amounts being awarded.

FINAL WEEK – Week 12
Name % of Total Weight Lost
DirtBikerMom 1.34%
Susie Q 4.98%
Jim’s Cupcake 5.14%
Jim 6.49%
5K Girl 8.21%
GleeFull 2.63%
Da Chef 3.34%
Simple Girl 1.93%
Jiggly Puff 0.27%

3 responses to “Biggest Winner Contest Results!

  1. Yeah us!!! Wow. 74.6 lbs lost between all of us! That is great! Personally, I would like to just keep going…maybe without the money…I thought it would make a difference for me…but, I dont think it had any bearing on it for me. I would just like a place where I can come and see how I am doing. I know there were times when it was hard to weigh in and send you the email…but, maybe just post once a week whatever results you get…and show a weekly cumulative total…that would keep me going. ( i think). I am glad it worked for all of us! Again…yeah us!! And thank you Susan 🙂

  2. Wow, 74.6 that is wonderful!!! Will this contest end and just start a new contest? The money was not my motivation, but knowing I had to send my results each week was motivational. I am in for a new contest, with or without money attached.

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