Weeks 3 and 4

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????The past two weeks on the weight loss train have been very successful for some of us and a struggle for others.

In week 3, Jim’s Cupcake was the Biggest Winner with a 2.31% weight loss for the week! After week 2’s mega-walks around Disneyland, week’s 3’s healthy water consumption paid off in a big way! Cupcake’s other half, Jim, also seemed to benefit from their walks with the highest weight loss percentage for the guys!

Week 3
Name % of Weight Lost
DirtBikerMom 0.00%
Susie Q -0.83%
Jim’s Cupcake 2.31%
Jim 0.67%
5K Girl 0.86%
GleeFull 0.54%
Da Chef 0.17%
Simple Girl -3.28%
Jiggly Puff 0.55%

The guys had a really good week in week 4! It was close, but Jim beat out Da Chef with a 2.04% weight loss to Da Chef’s 2.02%. The ladies generally had a good week, too. Simple Girl had been up last week due to a hormonal imbalance, but was able to stabilize this week and lose the bulk of the water weight gained last week. Yay for being back on track! 5K Girl was down 1.61% for the week. If you follow this blog, you have to be impressed with her steady week-to-week weight loss. Way to go, girl!!

Week 4
Name % of Weight Lost
DirtBikerMom 0.00%
Susie Q -0.78%
Jim’s Cupcake 0.21%
Jim 2.04%
5K Girl 1.61%
GleeFull -0.72%
Da Chef 2.02%
Simple Girl 2.69%
Jiggly Puff 0.46%

5 responses to “Weeks 3 and 4

  1. That you for posting, everyone looks like they are doing well. I look forward to seeing week 5 results.

  2. Thanks for posting, it really helps keep me motivated, knowing my friends are out there trying to. For those struggling…remember, little changes…little changes. Trying to retrain ourselves is not easy..it is far from easy.

  3. Wow! You are all doing so well (successful or struggling….at least everyone is mindful). Knowing myself well, I didn’t join the challenge. Yes, I could stand to lose 15 pounds, but I don’t have the stick-to-it-ive-ness required to make a long term effort. My exercise-induced asthma, bad knee, and sensitivity to perspiration (it burns!!!) means I hate to excercise. I consider myself lucky at this point that I dropped 16 pounds last November (from diverticulitis) and haven’t gained it back yet. I am watching my food intake very closely, trying to hydrate more, and walk every day just to maintain my current weight instead of increasing it. I marvel at the dedication you ladies have and wish you all well in attaining your goals.

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