All New Biggest Winner Begins!!

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????As you’ve no doubt read, our 12-Week Biggest Winner Contest was a huge success! All participants lost weight – to the tune of a combined 74.6 pounds. Wow!

Several of us have decided to continue our weight loss journey – with all the support and camaraderie but without the financial aspect of a contest. This new weight loss group will operate much like contest did, starting this weekend with a beginning weight. Every week thereafter, you’ll provide your weight (or weight loss percentage, if you are tracking your own weight on the spreadsheet) to me. I’ll post those weight loss percentages I receive each weekend or the following Monday. Because this isn’t a contest, you can join us when you would like – even if you missed the “starting” weekend. Anytime is the right time to get healthy!

If there is enough interest, we may even start a monthly exercise challenge to get us moving.

So join us today by emailing me ( your starting weight or, if you want to track your own weight, to request a copy of the weigh-in spreadsheet.

To our health!


5 responses to “All New Biggest Winner Begins!!

  1. Jim and I will “miss” this week. Need to get on track and will start next week…before the beer and pizza fest begins. I hope everyone else has continued to stay on track (because we did not 😦 ). Looking forward to getting back at it though…and getting out walking more.

  2. I didn’t either, but don’t forget that this week is just setting a starting weight. It isn’t a weigh-in. Weigh-ins won’t start until next week. 😉

  3. Could I have a copy of the spreadsheet also? I’m contemplating joining you all! I have some vacations coming up and would love to lose a few pounds prior to especially the cruise end of September!

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