Week 2 Results

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Week 2 wasn’t a strong week for the Scrap Gals. Jim and Jim’s Cupcake were vacationing at the Happiest Place on Earth, while several others were struggling with week 2 blues. We went from a week 1 net weight loss of 25.4 pounds to a net 8.4 pounds this second week. There were some high points this week, however. Congratulations go out to 5K Girl for her amazing 2.17% weight loss this week and Susie Q for her 1.50% weight loss. Yahoo to everyone who lost any weight this week! For everyone else, let’s pull up those boot straps and get back on the horse. Yes, I know I’m mixing metaphors! I’m trying to be motivational! 😉

Hugs and Kisses, friends!!

Week 2
Name % of Weight Lost
DirtBikerMom 1.04%
Susie Q 1.50%
Jim’s Cupcake -0.40%
Jim -1.11%
5K Girl 2.17%
GleeFull 0.09%
Da Chef -0.25%
Simple Girl 0.44%
Jiggly Puff 0.78%

3 responses to “Week 2 Results

  1. Thanks for posting Susan. Yeah..we sure were happy when we were walking (and walking and walking and walking) around the Happiest Place on Earth. We REALLY thought we were walking ourselves thin! We were both excited to come home to find the scale had better numbers for us…but, it just didnt work that way (darn it!). I know we didnt drink as much water (ok, and I had 2 cupcakes from the cupcake kiosk in Downtown Disney..but, I was on vacation) 🙂 We did get back on the horse this week, ya’ll, and I challenged myself to drink the full 8 glasses of water. I was very happy when I stepped on the scale this morning!

    • Susie, I’m not sure i would have even TRIED on vacation, so kudos to you both! Water consumption can make a huge difference. Maybe that will be my next blog – unless someone else is ready to blog yet?? Hint, hint! Seriously, in Reno I ate a fried burrito for dinner, drank and had a huge omelette when 1/2 would have been enough. So good for you and Jim for keeping your goal in mind while still having fun. Plus, don’t forget, sometimes you see a bigger drop the following week – especially if you got lots of exercise and not enough water!

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