Who Will Be the Biggest Winners?

Biggest Winner Official Rules
Biggest Winner Entry Form
For those friends who would like to lose a few (or more than a few) pounds, the Scrap Gals are coordinating a friendly 12-week contest that will provide weight-loss moral support and camaraderie, helpful articles, healthy recipes, and (for those of you that are Nor Cal local) even exercise events in and around our area. To make it even MORE fun and bring out the competitor in you, we are collecting $20 entry fees – which will be awarded to the top weight loss winners (as a percentage of weight lost). We will have both male and female weight loss groups for the sake of the competition.

Entry is easy, but the contest starts this Saturday, April 20, 2013 – so you have to respond to Susan ASAP to let her know if you are interested in participating in the contest. Email her on Saturday by 1pm at scrapgals@att.net with a photo of your feet on the scale to show your starting weight and include your preferred blog alias (see the rules; it’ll make more sense). Then, complete the entry form and mail it in with your $20 entrance fee. Don’t forget to take three “before” photos of yourself (front, back, side view) so you can show off your new and improved bod when you win the contest and all that money!

Don’t forget that even a 10% weight loss can improve your health and reduce your risk of heart disease and diabetes. So join us for our Biggest Winner weight loss challenge or (if you can’t) check this blog weekly to follow our journey!

Scrap Gals


3 responses to “Who Will Be the Biggest Winners?

  1. Thanks again for doing this Susan! We jumped out of bed this morning and got right on the scale….excited to continue what we started awhile back. Good luck to all of us

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